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AdWords Placement

Customers can see your Google ads with their search results, on Google or partner websites, or in mobile apps — it all depends on how the campaign is set up. SEAM explains how to choose where customers see your ads and the various ad formats possible for each location.

Imagine a client has asked you to explain what Google AdWords ad formats look like and where they can show. The following are examples of Google AdWords ad formats.

  1. An ad with text and a clickable link that shows on Google Search results.
    1.a) Yes. Text ads are a classic example of ads, but they’re not the only example.
  2. An image ad that shows on a fashion blog site.
    2.a) That’s right. Image ads, are a type of Display ad, can show across millions of partners’ sites across the Google Network.
  3. A video that shows before a YouTube video.
    3.a) Absolutely. Video ads can show on YouTube and other sites with video players.


Google Network 101

If you’re wondering, “What exactly do they mean by Google Network?” Good question. The Google Network is made up of two networks: Search and Display. They’re the places where your Google Ads ads can appear, including Google sites, partner sites, and other placements like mobile phone apps.


Let’s Take A Look Closer 

Exactly what makes the Search and Display Networks unique? Let’s take a look at how they differ by exploring the advertising strategies of two shops — Karl the Handyman and Kareena’s Boutique.

Meet two AdWords advertisers - SEAM Services

Welcome to CityWalk, where we meet two advertisers, Karl, the handyman, and Kareena, the handbag designer. Each of them knows a thing or two about advertising on the Google Network to reach the customers they’re looking for.

Search Network and the Display Network - SEAM Services

So, what is this network, anyway? The Google Network is divided into two areas: the Search Network and the Display Network – each distinguished by the types of sites on which your customers can see your ads.

the Google Search Network - SEAM Services

Karl is a huge fan of the Google Search Network because he likes how this network makes it super easy for people to find him. When people need help with a leaky faucet or a new roof, they can simply turn to Google Search.

Because he’s set up his campaign to include keywords. The words or phrases someone uses to search on Google. His AdWords display at the top of the search results, making it easy to find him fast!

Karl likes how his customers can connect - SEAM Services

And because the Google Search Network displays ads across many site and platforms, Karl likes how his customers can connect with him in multiple ways across different devices in moments of need.

Kareena prefers the Google Display network - SEAM Services

On the other hand, Kareena prefers the Google Display network. Here, she can showcase her bag designs in rich media formats on sites like YouTube or others with content related to her targeting.

Select the placements, the topics, and the audiences - SEAM Services

Plus, Kareena’s able to select the placements, the topics, and the audiences for her ads – all customizations that suit her attention-grabbing handbag ads just perfectly.

Advertising on the Display Network - SEAM Services

However, the thing Kareena likes most about advertising on the Display Network is that her ads can appear to so many potential customers on Google sites, like YouTuber, Blogger, and Gmail, as well as millions of other websites around the world.

With the Display Network - SEAM Services

Finally, with the Display Network, Kareena can choose to target a very large and yet very specific audience, so she can ensure she’s sending the right message to the right consumer.






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